Syncing Outlook calendar with Windows Phone 7

27 Oct

I had difficultly getting my calendar appointments, which live in Outlook, into my nice shiny-new Windows Phone 7, an LG E-900.

I finally worked out – you can’t – at least not at present, but there is a workaround thats good for me.

You almost certainly have a Windows Live account, if you dont – go get yourself one from

then, go to and download the Outlook connector pack.

This gives you a new option when you come to add an account to your Outlook. So, what we are going to do is add this Live account, from the file menu, click on Add Account.

Then pick the ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’, and click on next.

Then pick the ‘Other’ radio button, and select the ‘Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector’ from the list, and click next again.

You will be asked for your account details, which for obvious reasons I’m not going to show here! When you’ve done that, click on next. and then Finish when you get to the confirmation screen.

Thats got everything setup, just need to go to your Outlook calendar view, and see the 2 calendar views. You can then go to the email accounts on your Windows Phone and also sync to this account..

Hey presto… Outlook appointments in Outlook and on your Windows Phone!



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