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Party in the Park

23 May

Just a couple of weeks to go now until Party in the Park.  Its been a real eye-opener, especially since the event is taking place in a field with absolutely no services. Its amazing how much we take electricity for granted!

Read more about the day over on Satsuma Entertainments website.



iPhone goes swimming, gets baked

10 Jun

Now, I know accidents do happen, but today at the office, one of the girls brought an iPhone up to the Technical department because it wasn’t working. Apparently it had ‘got wet’. Further probing discovered that it had been dropped in the toilet.

Puzzled at how a lady to manage to do this, and with trepidation as to the answer, I asked. Turns out she had balanced her handbag on the cistern, turned round to wash her hands, the bag fell and the phone came out. Needless to say it didn’t work anymore.

Ok, so I can sort of understand – so far. But the next things she did was check with the big G on the Internet. Apparently it suggested placing the iPhone in a warm place to dry out.

Her selection of ‘a warm place’ was inside a fan assisted oven, with it switched on, at 50 degrees, for four hours.

When tried after this ordeal, it would only work ‘while on charge’ and not off the charger. The tech guy who got given this put it on charge – but left it on charge for an hour or so. Guess what it worked.

Amazing! The things people do.