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Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh

29 Apr
I have been waiting for this for a while. I am developing some stuff for Windows Phone 7 Series for a few weeks, but because the tools only worked with the release candidate, I needed to do this within a VPC. Now I can use directly the power, and memory, of my development kit directly as this tools refresh now works with the RTM version of VS2010.

Visual Studio 2008 – Beta 2 Now available

27 Jul
This morning I noticed an entry on Scott Guthries’ blog saying that VS2008 beta 2 is now available.

Its got some cool new features, such as MultiTarginging support, where you can build an application for more than one version of the framework; A split view for the Web designer and CSS; AJAX support and LINQ support.

You can read more about each of thses things here on Scotts blog and you can download the beta from MSDN here.


WPF/e gets its proper name

16 Apr

WPF/e, Microsoft technology for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web, gets a proper name Silverlight.

Check it out on MSDN


Want to start programming?

29 Mar

For those of you that want to get into programming, but dont really know where to start, Microsoft have released a basic tutorial to get you started. Using the Visual Studio Express editions, which are free, you can work though 3 different levels of difficulty to help you get started.

More details on the beginning programing tutorials can be found here.

If your’e more of a designer, then some top tips for designing can be found here.


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update For Vista

07 Mar

If you are doing development on Vista, particularly web development, then, following on from SP1, you will have been waiting for this update for development on Vista. Download it from here.