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Windows 7 UK wallpaper – Find the Castle

02 Dec

Bit of discussion in the office todaty about where the castle by the river is. After several suggestions, I resorted to the universal search engine, G….er…Bing.

Found out its Conwy Castle in Wales.

Heres a list of where the other pictures were taken, just to be complete.


Build your own Warthog at PDC09

20 Nov

Only difference is, this one was wired up to use an Xbox 360 wireless controller to drive it! Cool!

Better yet, the guys had mounted an electronic rifle on the back of the car… and then configured it to operate the same way as the gun on the Warthog in Halo. Reloading included!

All I can say is….. You guys rock!

More info to their blog at



Bing in the wild

19 Aug
Following on from some posts that Ian Moulster did showing Bing stickers on different vehicles, and the aquasition of some Bing swag imported especially for NxtGenUG from the US.

Some of you may know that NxtGenUG holds some of its meetings at Coventry Flying School, and some of you may know that I have an interest in flying. So, trying to combine these two passions, I ventured into the hanger and took these pictures..

Finally, I spotted the sit on lawn mower in the corner of the hanger. On closer inspection, and on lifting the bonnet, I found this..


Ever struggled to find a socket?

24 Jun

We have all seen the spaghetti under the desk where we need to plug in 5 pieces of kit, into 4 sockets. So we add a trailing socket, and the spaghetti grows.

I came across this photo looking around the IWOOT site, that has a whole new take on this! I thought is was cool so I would like to share it here..