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Media Center presentation in Cambridge

29 Mar
Been a while since I updated this Blog, been busy with work stuff. I did manage to get to present a Media Center session at NxtGen in Cambridge on the 25th though. It seemed to go well, with questions galore and the usual vast quantity of pizza.
I was asked for a copy of the slides. They are attached here..    VMC.ZIP

DDD6 Open for session voting

14 Oct
If any of you have been to a DDD event before, you will know what this is about. If not, then check out
Basically its one of the best free events around. Theres no Microsoft speakers, all of the presentations are done by people who are using the technology they talk about for real. One of its major benefits is that the content of the event is, as yet unknown. A whole load of presentations are listed on the web site for you to vote for, and the sessions that are voted for most will be the ones presented.
You cant register to attend yet, but you can vote for your favourite sessions, or off to do a short ‘Grok’ talk during lunchtime.
Hope to see you there…
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VBUG October conference announced

18 Sep
This year, and under new leadership, VBUG are proud to announce that their annual conference will be on the 17th and 18th October 2007 at Microsoft in Reading.
More details can be found here:
If you are a Vbug member get yourself down there.

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NxtGenUG get to Cambridge!

20 Aug
The Boyz from NxtGenUG are really excited to announce the opening of a brand new NxtGenUG region – this time in Cambridge. So now Developers from the flatlands of East Anglia can gather together to learn, chat, eat Pizza and get ‘swagged’ in the ‘NxtGenUG Way’ along with their counterparts in Birmingham, Coventry and Oxford. The region will be run by Chris Hay and Allister Frost who live and work in the area. Chris and Allister have put in a great deal of effort to get the region off of the ground including securing a fantastic venue, courtesy of non-other than Microsoft Research Cambridge!
The ‘Launch’ meeting will be held at Microsoft Research on Tuesday 18th September 2007 and will feature Mike Ormond speaking on Silverlight Microsoft’s new Rich Web Application Development Platform. They’ll also have a speaker from Microsoft Research covering the fascinating new subject of F#, watch out for details! Finally Rich, Dave and John will be there to do something or other, probably involving ‘swag’ (tut). Anybody is welcome to attend the meeting whether they are a NxtGenUG member or not. Just go to the NxtGenUG site at, register for FREE and book your place!

The evening starts at 06.30pm and ends at 09.00pm.

As with other NxtGenUG regions details of events at Cambridge will be available at, and we know that Chris and Allister have a bunch of great sessions planned for Cambridge over the coming months.
Also check out the NxtGenUG site for Articles, ‘Radio Style’ Podcasts, Interviews, News Items, Competitions, details of membership and much more at


Vote for VBUG Chairman and Vice Chairman

23 Jul
Theres just about a week to go for VBUG members to vote for a new chairman and vice chairman.

If you are a VBUG member, make sure you have your say. You pay for your membership, so make sure that the people who are spending it are doing so in the best possible way for you.

Andrew Westgarth, the coordinator for the North-east, is standing a chairman, and Tim Leung, Who runs the Reading group is standing for vice chairman.

I know both of these guys well and would strongly suggest that they would be good for VBUG members, and the UK developer community at large. Go vote for them now!

Andrew has a blog posting at

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DDD Registration is now open

30 May

DDD5, the best developer day out in the UK, has now published its agenda. Remember, these are the sessions tha you voted for from the community. No Microsoft speakers, and its on a Saturday!

The agenda is now available here and you can register here.

I’d register quickly if you want to go as it tends to fill up really fast.

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Now on Channel 9

24 May

Back in January, NxtGenUG held a meeting inside a cargo plane at Midland Air Museum. Now, exactly why we did this has become lost in the mists of time but Channel 9 got to here about it and Charles turned up with his video camera to capture the event.

I had forgotten about it for a while, but on Tuesday night while driving home from work It popped back into my mind, you know one of those ‘I wonder what happened to…’ thoughts.

Spookily, Richard Costall contacted me that night to point out the videos were up on Channel 9! Wow, the power of thought. I’m now concentrating really hard on the lottery numbers for this weekend ;-0)

In the meantime here are the videos. Enjoy.


Voting now open for DDD

03 May

Cast your votes for the sessions you would like to attend by visiting the DeveloperDay website and selecting your favorites…

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I am talking about Vista at a Vbug Event

29 Mar

On the 18th April , I am doing a talk at a VBUG event in Leeds, entitled ‘So why do I care about Vista?’

This is a 2500 foot view of Windows Vista. What tools are available to make our lives easier, what can we do to improve the user experience of our software, and how to deal with the new security model to allow our applications to play in the Vista world.

Its at Mellon Analytical Solutions Europe Ltd. 1 Whitehall Riverside, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BN

From 18:30 – 21:00 (19:00 Start)

Registration Details: Mailto: OR call 01753 649680

Hope to see you there.

The slides for this event are here.

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New user group starting in the Bristol area

22 Mar

Guy Smith-Ferrier is starting up a new user group covering the Bristol area called the .NET Developer Network.

I’ve heard Guy speak quite a few times since the start of .NET and he has a great style. He is also the author of the .NET Internationalization book and has done podcasts for the “4 Chaps from Blighty” website.

His first event is on the 23rd April, and Mike Taulty is doing a session on LINQ, covering the various language features that gets us to “LINQ to objects” and where that can then go with LINQ to X (XML/SQL/DataSet/Entities) etc.

Guy has this fetish for faggot and pea batches, and, dispite our best efforts, didn’t manage to get one while in Coventry at NxtGenUG earlier this week. If anyone from the midlands is going down the the event in Bristol, please try and take him one down!

More details are available from here.

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