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Home Automation: Kinect Edition

11 Feb

During my talk at DD9 a couple of weeks ago, I discussed various different approaches to Domotics (that the posh word for home automation;-)). One of those ideas I suggested was to make use of Microsofts excellent Kinect and its depth perception cameras.

Great minds think alike, obviously, as I notice an entry on showing exactly that!

Channel4 news ran a promotion on some of the stuff Microsoft are doing in Redmond, and beside the computer guided cars, theres a tour of the Microsoft house, where everything is controlled by touch, voice and gesture.

You can watch the video for yourself here.

Very very cool!


Your world around the coffee table

04 Jun
Imagine working with a computer with no keyboard? Imagine if you could just put your Zune or iPod on the table and it start playing music? Daniel Moth had this on his blog, and I think its awesome.

 I want one. Now!

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