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Now on Channel 9

24 May

Back in January, NxtGenUG held a meeting inside a cargo plane at Midland Air Museum. Now, exactly why we did this has become lost in the mists of time but Channel 9 got to here about it and Charles turned up with his video camera to capture the event.

I had forgotten about it for a while, but on Tuesday night while driving home from work It popped back into my mind, you know one of those ‘I wonder what happened to…’ thoughts.

Spookily, Richard Costall contacted me that night to point out the videos were up on Channel 9! Wow, the power of thought. I’m now concentrating really hard on the lottery numbers for this weekend ;-0)

In the meantime here are the videos. Enjoy.


Out Performed!

27 Feb

Okay, Okay, so the NxtGen EVO launch is the spectacle that become NxtGen normal. Okay, so Alun Rodgers transport rules, well, rules. Okay so I came last. I dont really care when you are out performed by the one man singing techie that is THE Dave Mahmon doing the ReadyBoost song live on stage. Just dont tell him I said so, his ego is big enough! Read more about what went on here.


Begging for money

23 Feb

On Monday, 26th February, I’m doing a set of 6 90-second presentations to ‘sell’ some of the best new features of Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange as part of the NxtGenUG EVO launch.

The idea is to compete with Richard Costall, Dav Mcmahon and Alun Rodgers for play money, Dragons Den style!

You can

NxtGen launches are usually something special and this event is lining up to carry on with the same trend.