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Flushed by Virgin

28 Mar

I took my usual Virgin train down to London yesterday, for my presentation at Lloyds. I choose Virgin every time I can over London Midland just because of the breakfast in 1st Class 😉

Its only an hour journey so I don’t normally use the loo (my mother drilled into me a long time ago to ‘go before you go’).

I’d managed to get into a mess with the beans this time though (I’m sure my mother would say that’s nothing new), so I went to wash up.

I pressed the magic button to open the door and went in. As soon as I pressed the ‘close’ button, an announcement was made out loud about not flushing the wrong stuff down the loo. This was a little different than the normal boring stuff and made me smile. So much so I had to take a photograph of a sign backup up the announcement.

“Please don’t flush Nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex’s sweater, hopes, dreams or goldfish down this toilet.”

I mentioned this in my talk, which was about being different and how it doesn’t have to cost much to get the word around – It made me tell you about Virgin Trains, didn’t it?


Presenting at the Lloyds building

24 Mar

I’m presenting to the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) on how to “Supercharge Your Premium Income Overnight”!

In the Old Library at Lloyd’s on Monday 27 March 2017 (1-2pm), we’ll talk about some key money makers for your business, help stop the sabotage that’s happening in your business and ensure you have the tools to be able to significantly boost your sales.


If your’e a broker for an MGA, do please tell me anything you think the MGA could do to let you sell more, or just make your life easier, and i’ll do my best to discuss it in the presentation. I promise I wont mention you in any way you can be identified..


DDD North – My Session on Kinect – Feedback

13 Oct

Thanks to all of you for the great feedback on my session about Kinect. I’ve shared the feedback I got on this post, but you might need to click on the picture to make it big enough to read, but I wanted to share it in the same format as I got it.

Looks like I need to work on the abstracts a little, but overall I’m pretty damn chuffed – thanks.




Speaking at DDD North on 8th October

04 Sep

Firstly, thanks you all of you that voted for my session, “Kinect The Dots”, for DDD north. I’m pleased to say that your votes mean I got the speaking slot and will be there on the 8th October talking about the wonderful things you can do with Microsoft Kinect and its SDK.

Hope to see you there!


Vote for DDD North sessions

31 Aug

The voting for DDD north is currently open and will remain so until Saturday.

I’ve got a couple of sessions submitted, including one on the Kinect SDK which a blogged about a earlier this year.

If you’d like to see that session, then you need to vote for it.. It wont happen without your votes!

Head on over to to vote.


Update: I’m now speaking at DDD north. Hope to see you there!


DDD9 Session rerun

20 Feb

Thank you to all of those of you who have asked for a repeat of the DDD9 session I did in January on Home Automation.

Due to popular demand, and the availability of the Fire Brigade, I’ll be repeating – with a few minors changes – at NxtGen Coventry in April. You can register for the event here


Some videos from DDD9 Sessions

05 Feb

Noticed some sessions at DDD9 were recorded, and are now available on vimeo, curtesy of @plip

Heres the links

Andy Gibson – What’s New In ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and 3.0 —
Helen Emerson – CSS is code, how do we avoid the usual code problems? —
Paul Stack – Beginners Guide To Continuous Integration —
Mike Hadlow – Monads! What are they and why should I care? —
Liam Westley – Go Asynchronous With C# 5.0 —

Speaking at DDD this month

03 Jan

First a big thanks to all of you that voted for my session (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot) for DDD9 at Microsoft Reading later this month!

Its all about home automation, and while I have a plan (honest!)  I’d thought I might try something a little different and ask if theres anything specific people might want to see how to go about automating. Now, if no one comes up with anything, thats ok, as I say I have a plan anyways, but I might just find some cool swag for any suggestions I use… (no not £250 and I wont promise to return your suggestions either!)

Hope to see you there. Even if you dont end up coming to my session, do say hi.

PS. If this DDD registration is anything to go by you need to be ready to register PRONTO! Last time it took less than 15 minutes to get to full, this time its likely to be faster still.

Check out for the definitive details, but I think the plan is to open registration tomorrow(4th Jan) @ 13:37 (ish)… Just be careful not to break the F5 key..!


DDD Southwest Registration Opens Tuesday 20th April

16 Apr

If last years event was anything to go by, its worth turning up just for the food! Seriously, if you have plans to attend this fantastic days worth of presentations down in the Bristol area, you need to be ready to sign up when registration opens on Tuesday. Find out more, and see clips of last years events, including your truly, at


DDD Southwest

10 Jul
DDD Southwest was a brilliant event a few weeks ago, and not just because I was speaking at it! For those of you who couldn’t make it, and also for those of you that did and are getting nostalgic, the DDD Southwest team have put together a video showing some of the goings on. Go on, watch it – Happy memories.

Roll on DDD SW2 (sounds like a postcode;-0)
You can find the video here