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Watch TV while you shop

31 Aug

Those good folks at Sky have taken Sky GO to the next level. Along with Sainsburys, they have fitted iPad docks to the top of supermarket trolleys. Sky GO brings Sky sports to mobile devices anywhere, and I assume other channels may follow.

They’ve even thought about people getting run over by trolleys driven by engrossed dads as they watch the footie while ‘assisting the missus’ on a Saturday afternoon. They’ve fitted parking sensors to the front of the trolleys!

If you want to go and see it for real right now, you can, as its being trialled at the Cromwell Road branch in west London. Remember you’ll need your own iPad though.

Now, this is all well and good, and you might think that watching tv while shopping is rediculous, but it does show that these mobile devices are becoming more and more integrated into everyday lives.  I can imagine apps for shopping lists being used, and price comparison apps that look at the barcode of everything you put in your trolley and tell you if its cheaper elsewhere. Basically, its time to rethink mobile apps – again..



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Help! I've lost my Windows Phone 7 – can you help?

01 Nov

Windows Phone 7 can help you, even if you have lost it! Have a look at the options available to make find your phone a whole lot easier.

See the video at for a demo.


Syncing Outlook calendar with Windows Phone 7

27 Oct

I had difficultly getting my calendar appointments, which live in Outlook, into my nice shiny-new Windows Phone 7, an LG E-900.

I finally worked out – you can’t – at least not at present, but there is a workaround thats good for me.

You almost certainly have a Windows Live account, if you dont – go get yourself one from

then, go to and download the Outlook connector pack.

This gives you a new option when you come to add an account to your Outlook. So, what we are going to do is add this Live account, from the file menu, click on Add Account.

Then pick the ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’, and click on next.

Then pick the ‘Other’ radio button, and select the ‘Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector’ from the list, and click next again.

You will be asked for your account details, which for obvious reasons I’m not going to show here! When you’ve done that, click on next. and then Finish when you get to the confirmation screen.

Thats got everything setup, just need to go to your Outlook calendar view, and see the 2 calendar views. You can then go to the email accounts on your Windows Phone and also sync to this account..

Hey presto… Outlook appointments in Outlook and on your Windows Phone!



Moving contacts from my old phone to Windows Phone 7

27 Oct

I had some initial difficulties moving my contacts from my really old Nokia 6310i to the new Windows Phone 7. I had the bridght idea of copying all the contacts to the sim and then moving the sim. All well and good, except that the Windows phone didnt show the contacts on the sim!.

I found a quite well hidden button that imports the contacts though. Go to the people hub, and hold down the People heading at the top of the screen. A box will appear with a single option – settings.

Touch that and theres a button called Import Sim contacts. It may have scrolled off the top of the screen, so check and scroll up if you cant see it.

Heres a very short video demoing where this button is.

Incidentally, this button initially didnt do anything. The sim wasnt seated properly, but there wasnt a clue to that. So if the button doesnt work for you might want to check that.


Windows Phone App Matchmaking

01 Aug

Have you got an idea for a windows phone app, or do you want to code one?

Well, theres a service that matches up those with the ideas with those with the ability to code them.

Read me at


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in action

22 Jun

I was following the Windows Phone session about Marketplace at TechEd earlier. It was a really interesting session. I thought ‘I’ll have to get a video of that to watch again’

The Code Fairy was obviously listening because Lo and Behold! MobileTechWorld have put the video on their site – Nice!

You can watch the video here


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Free Upgrade to Mobile Office 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.x Office Users

13 May
If you use Microsoft Office on your Windows 6.x phone, you can now upgrade to the 2010 version for free. For a look at what this new version offers, have a look here
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Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh

29 Apr
I have been waiting for this for a while. I am developing some stuff for Windows Phone 7 Series for a few weeks, but because the tools only worked with the release candidate, I needed to do this within a VPC. Now I can use directly the power, and memory, of my development kit directly as this tools refresh now works with the RTM version of VS2010.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 to include Media Center

27 Apr
In a press release today from Microsoft,

“With the release of Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft has furthered its commitment to the integration of Windows 7 technologies in the specialized consumer and enterprise device markets by providing OEMs with the latest innovative technologies to differentiate through rich, immersive user experiences and streamlined connectivity,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft. “The addition of the Windows Media Center feature in Windows Embedded Standard 7 is driving the set-top box, connected media device and TV markets by providing OEMs with opportunities to develop uniquely branded experiences and service providers with capabilities to explore additional revenue streams with unique content through a centralized media hub in the home.”

This is going to be interesting. I can see a number of small devices, maybe even TVs, with Media Center built into them, Encouraging (hopefully!) a greater take up of this great media experience without having to have a PC plugged into the TV. I’ve done a number of sessions, entitled ‘A PC in the living Room’, during which I discuss the WTF – Wife Acceptance Factor – which severely restricts extensive use of a PC plugged into the family Plasma. This is a way round the problem. 

Lets hope the device manufacturers think so too!

Take a look at it at

and listen out for next weeks The Media Center Show, hosted by Ian Dixon.


Windows Mobile 6 Announced

09 Feb

The mobile operating system that was codenamed “Crossbow” has finally been officially announced as being Windows Mobile 6.

There are some significant improvements for developers, such as the inclusion of the Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 and SQL (compact Edition) being included in the ROM and not having to take up valuable storage memory.

Changes like the built in certificate installer will make securing these devices eaiser.

Screenshots of the cosmetically enhanced interface, along with more details can be found on engaget, on PocketPCThoughts and on the Mobile Development Teams Blog.

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