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Presenting at the Lloyds building

24 Mar

I’m presenting to the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) on how to “Supercharge Your Premium Income Overnight”!

In the Old Library at Lloyd’s on Monday 27 March 2017 (1-2pm), we’ll talk about some key money makers for your business, help stop the sabotage that’s happening in your business and ensure you have the tools to be able to significantly boost your sales.


If your’e a broker for an MGA, do please tell me anything you think the MGA could do to let you sell more, or just make your life easier, and i’ll do my best to discuss it in the presentation. I promise I wont mention you in any way you can be identified..


Showcasing Amber, the next version of SchemeServe

06 Feb


In the middle of all the snow and ice came an event to warm your cockles. We launched the next update to SchemeServe Insurance Software – codenamed Amber.

Dispite all the bad weather, loads of our customers came along to the shindig in Cambridge to see what new innovations we had for them..