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Publish a book on Twitter?!

05 Jan

Is it possible to publish a book on Twitter?

Sounds daft doesnt it? Well, I wouldnt know, because I cant find anyone thats tried …. until now..

Nigel Botterill, a UK entrepeneur has a book thats released to the world at the end of this month (though its available to preorder now from Amazon), is in th process of tweeting the entire contents.

I’ve no idea how its going to pan out, but its a cool idea Nigel;-)

Now, being part of what Nigels been doing over the last couple of years has meant that I’ve already had the chance to read the book, and I enjoyed it, an interesting read.  I was expecting it to be full of the same old selling style bullshit that many ‘how to make more sales’ books spout, but this is more an autobiography with business lessons learnt scattered amongst it. Makes it way more interesting to read, and way more likely to learn something on the way!

I even get a mention in it 😉

Tell you what, the first person to tell me why I’m mentioned, I’ll send them a free copy of the book.

To stand a chance, you’ll need to wait to buy the book, OR… follow @bottyrules and get the entire book via Twitter!