Fictional Storytellers wanted – Apply Nokia Support

21 Aug

Yesterday, I wrote an article about the issues Im having with Nokia Support(

I sent them the link as a Tweet, kinda hoping for at least a response, but got nothing – so I called them today at 16:14 to see that was happening.


After the usual security questions, I explained id been waiting for a couple of days for a callback.  Apparently, the agent had tried to call (no record on mobile or house phone) but was off today, and hes the only one in the whole of Nokia that can answer my question.  This is not acceptable, so I pushed for why the phone was returned un-repaired.


The first answer I got was that the phone was damaged when received. Well after 6 trips by courier that wouldn’t surprise me, but I have the phone back remember, and its not physically damaged at all (lie).  I explain this was a made up answer, and asked to speak to a supervisor – after a 20 min hold, I got the same lady back who said she had checked and the IMEI had been blocked by my network operator.

Utter fiction again of course, remember the phone alternates between a signal and no signal, which means that for some of the time its connected and working. I ask the lady to stay on the line while I call my network operator, who, of course, confirm my assessment – both of the IMEI blocking (only if I report the phone as stolen) and of the utter nonsense being spouted by Nokia.  Nokia by the way didn’t stay on the line – past their home time, having now taken 45 minutes to get to this point.  I assume she hopes someone else will pick up the call in the morning – and ill have to start all over again.


What Nokia don’t know is that I have a way of telling if they have even looked at the phone, or powered it up. They haven’t, simply shipped back in the same container it arrived in. Ok Nokia may have looked at it but its been hardly touched, let alone tested (wonders of fingerprint tracking) – or are you going for the hat trick of lies and claim differently.


I bet when I call next, Nokia will have forgotten everything – including what lies they have told and will no doubt contradict themselves and even make up new lies to do anything but making a customer happy. Maybe they have targets on the number of annoyed, lied to customers – certainly feels like it.


The very best thing Nokia could do right now, is call me before I call them tomorrow – use the mobile number you have – ill even include it here.   07881 785909

The 2nd best thing they can do is send me a new handset. Another 920 or a 925 (ill pay the difference).

Bet you do neither Nokia.  Booo!



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