About Me

My background is in Point of sale for the retail sector, in particular petroleum.

I have been working as a developer as long as I can remember, in fact my first development job was as 15, while I was still at school! I worked for 10 years at Wella GB as a developer developing systems for hairdressers before doing 4 years designing hardware for various platforms. I even had a hand in designing a 286 motherboard!

I then worked for Meggitt Petroleum Systems as a Technical Architect designing Point of Sale terminals and Back Office systems for major oil companies across the world.

I have been lucky enough to visit 26 countries as diverse as South Africa and Japan doing this. I developed some desktop and enterprise level applications using an obscure 4GL called Omnis.

Since then I have been working with .NET since its inception and was part of the beta program for 1.0 and have built a web site in ASP.NET Numerous projects later I have specialised in media devices for XP and XP embedded and media center, along with mobile applications for devices ranging from symbian hardware through Pocket PC to Windows Mobile 5.0


I am also a pilot and am fortunate to have an aeroplane at Coventry airport at the flying club. I can usually be found on the airfield most Saturdays either flying the ‘plane if the weathers good or flying the bar if its not!